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Put the power and scalability of PostScript 3 to work for you today.

Our developer products are always royalty fee.

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At Fractured Thinking we specialize in software development tools intended for the experienced professional .NET developer on  a deadline. Our products are purchased on a per-developer license basis and are always royalty free.

Flagship Products

PSWriteNetLib® is a software SDK consisting of a .NET assembly, library API documentation and Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 demonstration projects. The demonstration projects help developers by showing how to use the most common features of the library so that developers will be writing solid code in a short time. The learning curve is minimal.

bulletPSWriteNetLib® is a library developers use to create PostScript level 3 page descriptions. The page descriptions created can be massive in file size. Any application that must create statements is an ideal usage of the library.
Adobe® PostScript is the defacto standard in the printing and publishing industries. PostScript is ideally suited to creating stunning documents rich in graphics and text. The library encapsulates the complicated PostScript language by providing a wealth of methods you call to create the document programmatically.

bulletDirectPrint® is a .NET assembly that can submit files directly to the Windows print spooler for printing to a printer device installed remotely or on the local machine.

To learn more about PSWriteNetLib®, please visit our products catalog. You can also download the documentation and a fully functional trial version of the library free of charge. The documents created with the trial version are watermarked to protect our intellectual property but are totally functional in every other way.

To purchase PSWriteNetLib For CLR 1.1:

bulletUninstall any trial version you may have downloaded and installed PRIOR to purchasing a license.
bullet Click here to Purchase a license. After the transaction is complete a download link will appear on the final purchase page. Click on that link to download and install the full version.



Our flagship product, PSWriteNetLib version 1.0.1 for CLR 1.1 is now available.

With PSWriteNetLib developers can programmatically create device independent PostScript 3 page descriptions on the fly.
You can download a free trial version.

Create PostScript page descriptions on an industrial scale.

Documentation for our high capacity PostScript SDK.

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